/Closing Checklist

Closing Checklist

Items Presidio Title Needs Prior to Closing

Seller’s existing loan number, Social Security number, and phone number for loan officer or customer service.

Lender’s name, contact person, and phone number.

Seller’s marital status, from the time of acquisition of the property to the closing. If single at the time of acquisition, but currently married, spouse may be required to sign the deed.

If the percentage is not stated on the contract, please advise.

All parties signing closing documents must bring a valid government-issued photo ID to closing.

Wired funds or a cashier’s check payable to Presidio Title for all amounts over $1,500 are required at closing. The total amount due should be available prior to closing, based on our receipt of the loan documents from the lender. Please contact your closer for wiring instructions.

If a power of attorney is to be used at closing, Presidio Title and the lender must review and approve it prior to closing. Your closer must be able to contact the principal of the power of attorney on the day of closing. We can provide the form, if necessary, and will require the signed original at closing.

Please provide the seller’s existing survey within specified days after the effective date of this contract. If the survey is not acceptable, the buyer shall obtain a new survey. Please contact your closer to prepare survey T.47 affidavit (see attached).

With a variety of options available to the buyer, select a home warranty that best fits your needs. Please provide the invoice at closing.

If the lender approves the repairs being paid at closing, deliver the original invoice to your closer. Most lenders will not allow an escrow for repairs or a credit to the buyer for the repair allowance. Repairs may need to be handled prior to closing. Amendments to contract, including closing date, purchase price, repairs, etc.

Buyer needs to arrange for insurance coverage and have the agent contact the closer with details of coverage and for lender requirements.

Buyer must provide the name and number of the association.

Earnest Money Contract

Earnest money check is payable to Presidio Title and attached.
All parties have signed, initialed any changes, and executed all dates.
All names are shown fully and with correct spelling.
Legal description is complete and correct.
All contact information, addresses, and phone numbers are complete for all parties.
All exhibits and addendums are attached, including the seller’s disclosure.

The effective date of the contract is the date that begins the entire closing process. It is important to all parties to show this date on the contract.